tough times

Trump once asked “how stupid are voters?” Well it turns out an awful lot of them are at the very least gullible especially the ones who voted for him and willingly accepted the most egregious verbal garbage. He stirred the pot of alienated partisans brought them together and manipulated them into an incongruous muddle of stupidity and arrogance. Those gleeful folks who clapped and cheered at his rallies were an indication of how mindless and mean-spirited people can be, susceptible to the vitriol-laced invective Trump kept feeding them, unaware they were being used to suit his purposes not theirs. If one is old enough or has seen archival newsreel footage of those huge Nazi-inspired crowds in the thirties and forties they are a reminder that flag-waving ‘patriots’ are sometimes just angry mobs waiting for direction and an excuse to express their rage. An elderly Italian friend once described seeing exuberant crowds in Italy cheering for the Pope only to find the same people celebrating the arrival of Mussolini a few streets away.

Currently a political icon or con as the case may be is upending our nation’s sense of itself. For example a woman interviewed on Washington Journal recently said she would never believe that Obama was born in this country referring to him as an Arab. Good work Mr. Trump your lie about the president’s birth place has taken hold. As columnist Charles Blow put it, Trump is “the Grand wizard of birtherism.” People often turn to false prophets for easy answers, no matter how absurd. I often wondered how societies recovered their equilibrium after being used by leaders to further the agendas of psychopaths. Pathological cohorts who serve a purpose during a buildup for war or coercive regimes aren’t likely to restore sanity to a shattered social order and the question becomes what’s to be done with all the psychopaths? Is there any way to restore honesty and fairness in a society that has been corrupted by dogged attempts to make truth optional?

Unfortunately it’s too late to change the results of elections past. We’ll just have to live with the impending disaster looming over the horizon. It’s terribly difficult, however to offer even a modicum of respect to someone who lies constantly, refers to the Democratic leader as a “clown” and disparages our intelligence community, preferring instead to reference criminal expat-Julian Assange, one more indication of Trump’s, gutter instinct and limited mental acuity. It should serve as a warning to everyone who votes – – never choose someone for high office whose ego outstrips his experience and judgement. One gets the distinct impression that Trump is critical of the intelligence community because he worries that experts in the field may cloud the gloriousness of his victory in November. That being the case he’d like everyone to “move on.” Never mind the possible serious issues inherent in the cyber assault on our democratic processes because the election is over and as Trump and Kelly Anne keep reminding us, ‘they won.’

And aside from all the obvious problems of a Trump presidency it should make even his supporters a little nervous that he needs to be supervised by his handlers to keep him from doing or saying something stupid, even dangerous.