Well it’s time I guess for resolutions

Well it’s time I guess for resolutions although I kind of gave up on such things many years ago and just told myself to do better in the new year. However, in terms of political resolve I hope those of us who have concerns will continue to be engaged and watchful. Would that we could convince others to do the same. An uninformed electorate is a boon to many who wield power in government now. Otherwise why would so many voters continue to voice, with certainty, the opinion that Saddam Hussein had a direct hand in the 9/11 terrorist attacks? I understand that the president and administration spokesmen kept promoting that idea without directly stating it and then denying they were doing so. However there should have been and should be a strong effort to correct such thinking, and somehow this has not occurred. When anyone dares to question the motives or conduct of the war in Iraq, there is a ready chorus of “remember 9/11.” One can almost hear the echo of “remember the Maine” that dubious rallying cry that led us into a war with Spain.
It may be the loyal opposition’s mandate, if you will, then to get the message out, to promote an understanding of the nation’s concerns beyond our own partisanship. But how does one get past the virulent onslaught on right-wing talk radio and other media outlets? That is of course the great imponderable, but one thing we should all be thinking about is making sure we keep after our elected officials, even if we didn’t vote for them, as well as people like FCC Chairman Powell. Fairness across the media chain should be a high priority. The air waves belong to all of us and should not be used, as they were in the prior election, to promote the cause of one candidate over another in a great sham of reporting ‘news.’ Broadcast licenses should not be given to abusers of the public’s ownership. We all need to write, call and/or publish oversight of such matters so that Congress and the Administration understand that we are paying attention and that we won’t be fooled again. Remember no-one should get fooled twice.
Anyway, perhaps political resolve should be added to all those other things on the list like losing weight, giving up smoking, being more patient with our children, our parents, our in-laws, whatever. We should all become activists on some level in the cause of bettering our democracy. Hoping for better things …Happy New Year.