While I don’t pretend to be non-partisan, as I open this site it occurs to me that often people of good will share common ground. It may be true, for instance, that everyone hates paying taxes, but what should be done in this regard? In all the wrangling over tax plans, taxpayers are almost completely estranged from a budget-making process in which lawmakers trade favors, some call it pork, with our money to get themselves re-elected to do the same things all over again.
And while it is also true that religion plays an important part in many people’s lives, most of us don’t think particularized religious concepts should be permeating our institutions of government. Our best hope, as a nation, depends upon the acts of good will that define us as a people, not in loud protestations of faith buttressed by the condemnation of those whose opinions and beliefs differ.
Basically, we all want tax fairness, educational opportunities for our children and a sense of security about out personal freedoms, and we hope that our leaders’ decisions will benefit us all and keep us from harm’s way. Where we can come together much can be accomplished. When there is disagreement we should listen to one another. A friend sent me a Christmas card one year with a quote (I can’t remember whose words) that said “God speaks to us all a little differently hoping we’ll tell each other.”
There are things happening in our country now that are cause for grave concern, and many of the values the majority of us share are often overwhelmed by political knavery and sound-byte dogma. We need to seek the common ground that exists to ensure that our politicians don’t befuddle us into supporting measures and decisions that are not in our individual or national best interests.

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