They just keep doing it – Duncan Hunter, R-California, invoked 9/11 again on C-Span this A.M. as he sidestepped a viewer question about whether U.S. military actions that kill civilians and destroy homes constitute acts of terror.
Whatever one’s feelings about our presence in Iraq, haven’t we at long last gotten beyond trying to connect Saddam Hussein with the attacks on 9/11? Perhaps not and maybe never if our politicians keep trying to make the connection in the minds of the American people.
Mr. Hunter has been one of the House members blocking passage of the Intelligence Reform Bill in Congress over “Chain of Command” issues and a national driver’s license provision about which the Senate version differs. He suggests he is mostly concerned about protecting troops in the field when one cannot help but feel he is really concerned with protecting the Pentagon.
It seems odd that the “chain of command” must remain sacrosanct except when it comes to taking responsibility for bad behavior at Abu Graib and other prisons under our control. Somehow the chain of command breaks down then and we are told things being done at those locations were the acts of “a few bad apples.” Noone up the chain was involved.
As for a national driver’s license it may be that some standardized form would be an idea worth exploring if responsibility for issuing licenses remained in the hands of states. However, if the federal government were to take over, the notion of a national identity card would surely become an issue. In the example often cited “A wolf came to the door and we called it a dog” whether one calls it a license or a national identity card would be a distinction without a difference.
No doubt the bill will pass in some form. It remains to be seen what stays in and what comes out.

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