Why are so many people on the right obsessed with sex? It seems to be a subject so tantalizing it infuses discussions about values and morals beyond all other considerations. More importantly the growing emphasis by the right and this administration to emphasize “abstinence only” programs in public-school sex education is being funded with millions of federal tax dollars.
While this may please some parents and religious groups there is worrisome evidence that such programs are not as effective as might have been hoped and that some of the information being advanced is not only misleading but just plain wrong, putting our teenagers at greater risk than if they had been properly informed.
As taxpayers we cannot always cherry pick how our taxes are spent, but we do have a right to expect that such monies be used to provide accurate information. For example, HIV/AIDS is not spread through sweat or tears as some programs suggest nor is pregnancy likely to be the result of mutual masturbation. Young people do apparently wait longer to become sexually active, but eventually many engage in pre-marital sex at some point with little awareness of safe sexual practices.
Whatever our personal view of youthful, or for that matter adult, sexual patterns may be, an ignorant population is not a desirable national condition nor is it a healthy prospect for the future. And this is something, as taxpayers and voters we should make clear to our lawmakers.

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