What a twilight zone kind of world we are in. Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld seems to have been befuddled by suggestions during his meeting with the troops that they lack proper armor and other forms of preparation for combat. Wouldn’t it be great he said ‘if we had the army we wanted instead of the one we were given’ as if he had nothing to do with the latter condition. And, in his wrapup of the whole situation he said ‘hey guys, even if you have all those protective layers of metal on your vehicles you can still get blown up by a roadside bomb’ – very inspiring, that Que Sera, Sera approach.
Meanwhile the President appeared with a group of Marines wearing a jacket bearing his name and the title “Commander in Chief”, I guess for those out-of-touch folks who may have forgotten his name or that the President is, technically speaking, the leader of our armed forces, no matter how inexperienced he and his civilian team may be when it comes to military matters.
Once again there seems to be no acceptance of responsibility for events as they are shaking out in Iraq as well as a kind of war-game mentality that suggests dressing for the part equals competence.

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