It occurs to me that if this administration is so lacking in the practical and intellectual wherewithal even to vet its appointees before they are embarrassed by an onslaught of damaging details that were a matter of public record, it is hard to trust in their ability to run and interpret the much weightier intelligence operations needed to inform and protect the nation. Actually one might say such lax, uninformed procedures in the matter of Kerik dovetail rather nicely with respect to pre and post-9/11 preparations. Warnings were brushed aside before 9/11, and we invaded Iraq on wishful-thinking interpretations of available intelligence. Then, having decided to invade, we ignored all advice regarding the problems we would face after completing the first phase of the war against Saddam Hussein’s battered, weak military forces.
It seems we the people are paying a high price for a presidential tendency to value loyalty over competence and political theorizing over fact. The rise and fall of this latest appointee is just another indication of how weak the underpinnings of this administration really are.

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