It is becoming increasingly clear that we “the public” need to be paying closer attention to the conduct of our country’s affairs. This is no easy task given the degree of secrecy and propaganda that steams from our government and its media apologists. We have an administration that conflated events of 9/11 with a Saddam Hussein agenda, convincing a majority of Americans and justifying in turn our invasion of Iraq.
Presidential medals are given to principals considered by many to be something less than models of effective leadership and competence.
We can no longer be confident that our voting processes are fair and that all votes will be counted. In Washington State, for example, a judge has ruled the counting of votes must stop because it’s just too late, even though it is known that workers incorrectly discarded or missed counting ballots that should have been included in the final tally. And in one Ohio district over 3000 votes were recorded for President Bush even though there were only 700 or so registered voters in that precinct.
Some sex education programs encouraged as part of the “abstinence only” policy the President supports provide false information regarding Aids, that it can be transmitted by sweat and tears, and sexual behavior, that masturbation can cause pregnancy — just two examples.
At the president’s recent economic conference frivolous lawsuits were blamed for the loss of jobs to other countries even though all evidence suggests that outsourcing proceeds for quite different reasons and that lawsuits are not the most significant factor in the insurance industry’s determination of rate structures.
The legislative process in Congress is a serpentine process so impenetrable as to be almost completely removed from voter oversight, an unacceptable condition for our democracy.
And that is, after all the point. We need to become more active politically — better informed and more directed whatever party we support. No matter how estranged we may feel at times we need to get busy and demand a government more responsive to our needs, less secretive, more democratic. Government is made up of our representatives, and there are more of us than there are of them. We aren’t here to support government, it exists to support us.

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