Is it possible to grow even more distrustful of how the people’s business is conducted in Washington? With Republican control of all branches of government and the increasingly limited avenues of access to information there is a growing level of distrust.
Although most people in and out of government, for example, would agree that changes were needed at the CIA one wonders if dismantling a framework of skilled career analysts of good reputation and years of experience was the way to go, especially since new CIA Director, Porter Goss, did not exactly cover himself with glory as Chairman of The House Intelligence Committee. He and his abrasive staff must share a measure of blame for the country’s failed intelligence. Their excessive partisanship, a characteristic unsuited to intelligence gathering operations, was detrimental to the successful operation of his committee. But there he is, another Bush appointee whose most important attribute is his party loyalty, and resignations of good people occur on a daily basis. When Mr. Goss begins to fill those posts will he too simply install party loyalists or find dependable intelligence operatives? Surely if there is one area that ought to be removed from partisan politics it should be our Intelligence community.
In another sort of disturbing development it appears that Speaker Hastert is planning to remove House Ethics Chairman Hefley when Congress reconvenes, no doubt because many House Republicans were angry that the Committee chastised Tom Delay over some of his more questionable activities. Here is the party rising up because it doesn’t like conclusions reached by its Ethics Committee so, instead of awaiting the outcome of allegations made, The Speaker decides it would be preferable to remove the current chairman and replace him with a Delay pal from Texas.
Can we trust these people at all? They seem to turn everything on its head. The CIA becomes a political football, the concept of ethics becomes almost totally meaningless, and these people don’t seem to care what those of us out here in the vast wasteland of cluelessness think. As I’ve said before we need to be paying better attention and making our voices heard, even it seems we don’t have a voice. Ignoring disturbing events simply allows the people in power to think they will never be called to account for their actions.

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