Must this administration put a partisan spin on everything? Even at a time of such great suffering they feel compelled to take a shot at President Clinton for being quick to express sympathy when disasters occurred, probably because President Bush was criticized for being slow to acknowledge publicly the unfolding horror in southeastern Asia. Recalling Clinton’s expressions of sorrow at such times the White House spokesperson trashed the “I feel your pain” approach saying “actions speak louder than words” as if Clinton didn’t send aid along with condolences when circumstances called for it. Meanwhile back at the ranch Bush, tone deaf and out of touch at first, was clearing brush. One wants to grab these people, shake them and tell them to grow up. Unfortunately this silly bunch is running the country.
And considering this ever-present partisanship the unrelenting rant about the so-called “liberal” media needs a closer look, for example all that talk about the major networks having a liberal slant. When, in fact, did Dan Rather(CBS), Peter Jennings(ABC) or Tom Brokaw(NBC) ever take to the campaign trail for a candidate the way Joe Scarborough(MSNBC) and Sean Hannity(FOX) stumped for Bush.? Of course one major difference is that the latter two are not really news people and could more accurately be described as opinion mongers so perhaps they don’t feel a need to abide by recognized journalistic standards.
But more to the point, what some call “liberal” turns out, in reality, to be in-depth discussions of issues by experts who benefit from having at their command facts and experience as opposed simply to gut reactions, partisan bias and personal opinions. Thus, factual explorations at this level are criticized precisely because they may not always comport with this administration’s position on everything from the economy to the environment. Often, what critics are after in fact is a narrow assessment of ideas and events not a true evaluation of all aspects of an issue so that the administration’s position is supported and never questioned. If having a “liberal bias” means being able to explore and understand facts and ideas rather than propaganda call me a liberal.

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