Camp 6 and other mind-numbing administration proposals. According to reports the Defense department wants to build a 200-bed prison at Guantanamo Bay, referred to as “Camp 6” for detainees deemed too dangerous to be freed but for whom no credible evidence exists that would justify their prosecution before military tribunals.
Likewise there are plans for the United States to build prisons in their native countries so that large numbers of Afghan, Saudi and Yemeni detainees could be dispatched there from Guantanamo. (article here) Again, these are prisoners who have not and will not be charged with specific crimes nor have they been tried in court but who may face life imprisonment just the same. Imagine if our MIAs in Viet Nam had faced similar fates.
When questioned about these plans, as is typical with this administration, Scott McClellan responded completely off point by delivering a speech about those who would do us harm and how we are a nation of laws and how we must continue to protect the nation and, well, you get the drift.
At least Senators Lugar and Levin have questioned the notion that we have the legal or moral right to create a prison system thusly, suggesting instead that some modicum of judicial procedure needs to be observed. Thanks to this bi-partisan dissent it may be possible to forestall such plans and to hang on to the $25,000,000 supposedly earmarked for some of the prison building plans and to find, as well other ways for voters to see their tax dollars at work.

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