Well it got done. The Electoral vote was certified yesterday as it was pretty much certain to be. Challenges were swept aside, but hopefully not forgotten. Most people agreed that even, given numerous irregularities, the eventual result would not have changed. The margins might have changed, however, not only in Ohio but elsewhere. So when President Bush talks about his mandate, we should be mindful of the fact not only that the numbers as they stand don’t indicate any such thing but also that there were many voting discrepancies around the country – discrepancies in Ohio that included over 3000 votes for Bush in a district where there were only some 700 registered voters; the dearth of voting machines in heavily Democratic, minority districts and long lines while there were plenty of machines in Republican areas and no lines; thousands of votes that showed no vote for president; votes that showed up for Bush when they were intended for Kerry and dozens of other voter complaints.
It certainly seems that we as a nation should come up with a system that is the same throughout the country, that has a paper trail and that is readily accessible to everyone who wants to vote. We just shouldn’t have so many questions after our elections, during the last of which there were so many anomalies. This country made a big issue of what exit polls in Ukraine indicated when they diverged from official voting results yet we dismissed similar questions here after our election. Hopefully, efforts to reform the system will continue and we will all become active in promoting such efforts.
Something to keep your eye on – An article in the January 6th Los Angeles Times (LATimes.com) indicated that the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) is planning to help President Bush in his efforts to appoint right-wing judges to the federal courts. It has been obvious all along ,of course, that Republicans are supported in a major way by big business, but somehow I, at least, wasn’t prepared for such an overt attempt by corporate America to influence the shape of the court system.

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