It’s really all about power this constant self-promoting rant about religious values. There is this amazing movement to suggest that people of faith, and particularly Christians, are being victimized by secularists. In reality what we are seeing is an attempt to change the nature of our government and to suggest that anyone who objects is an immoral obstructionist.
To imply that activist judges are at the core of every problem that exists in America and to suggest that posting the Ten Commandments across the land would cure all our ills is an absurdity. Watching Richard Scarborough of the “Judeo/Christian Council for Constitutional Restoration” on Washington Journal this morning was like being in an extra-terrestrial time zone. As is so often the case with such organizations, both religion and our Constitution are contorted to embrace a particularly skewed vision.
The very name of the organization ignores the kind of pluralistic society in which we live. How, one might ask, would some of these people who support religious observances in public places react if a Muslim cleric offered up a prayer at a football game, for example, which concluded with the words “Allah be praised” – – probably not all that positively. Don’t issues such as this divide rather than unite our country? And isn’t that precisely why the founding fathers chose not to make religion an integral part of our form of government, and precisely why the bill in Congress and the Scarborough organization’s use of the term Constitutional Restoration is such a misnomer.
One has to go some to portray Tom DeLay as a victim, but that’s what this person on The Journal attempted to do, as have others in the conservative political wing, in order to win support for putting a right-wing face on the judiciary. If the Majority Leader does not satisfy most people’s criteria for malfeasance one would have to conclude that national expectations for our leaders have reached a new low. No amount of religious verbiage and Terri Schiavo remonstrances can change the basic disrespect for the American people exemplified in the current Congress especially by people like DeLay.
There is no way in this world that the president or anyone in Congress can claim to be truly religious, compassionate people simply by grandstanding over the sad Terri Schiavo case or by vague references in support of all ‘life’. There are so many other ways in which they do not represent moral values, religious or secular. Tax cuts for the rich have not produced a rising tide that has lifted all boats. And under-funding or discontinuing programs for the poor and disabled does not comport with any recognized set of humanitarian standards or the mission of most religions.
Most people have to deal with reality, not abstract definitions of when life begins or whether they should practice birth control. Could sex really be just for the purpose of procreation? It would seem, rather, that if sex weren’t pleasurable for the most part, people would be less likely to engage in it, not that every act was for the purpose of bearing offspring. Really we should be able to reach reasonable personal resolution of these matters and not be browbeaten by those few who just love to tell everyone else what to do and what to believe.
Keep an eye on this Constitutional Restoration business as it makes its way through Congress. You can be sure the religious right will be actively engaged in promoting its passage.

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