In a moment of absolute clarity it occurred to me that the president could end the flap about who leaked what to whom by simply asking his people one by one – – “Did you do it Karl? Did you do it Scooter? Did you do it Ari? and so on. Is it possible that the president himself is somehow involved or has known all along and is for that reason reticent to let us sneak a peek into the Oval Office? No cuddly little intern this time; something much worse and far more dangerous.
Does any of this remind anyone of Watergate before the fall of Colson, Erlichman, Dean, Segretti, Haldeman, Mitchell, among others and, eventually, Nixon? Of course today, both houses of Congress are controlled by Republicans so there is little up-front congressional impetus to pursue the ramifications of classified leaks by the president’s men. Just the same the growing scandal will not subside any time soon, and should give Democrats something to chew on come election time.
There’s just so much corruption the public will put up with no matter how clever The White House and its minions are about spinning lame versions of what really goes on in government’s darker moments. And questions about how we got into that mess in Iraq are starting to percolate more violently as are questions as to whether or not we are really safer now than we were right after 9/11. Add to a growing unease the egregious behavior of some Bush supporters in Congress, and Karl Rove’s winner-take-all machinations, and this White House has got some serious ‘splainin to do.
In response to Scott McClellan’s self righteous pronouncement today that the president may bypass the Senate and appoint John Bolton, Ambassador to the United Nations during Congress’ summer recess, a word of caution. Apparently Bolton forgot to mention on the form he submitted to the Senate that he had testified before the Grand Jury investigating the Plame leak. Perhaps it was simply an oversight, but Bolton’s name has come up in connection with the matter on several occasions. It just seems that any question about his involvement in something as sensitive as a security leak would best be fully explored before he is trotted out as our new UN Ambassador.
In addition, nothing seems more likely to create a firestorm in the Senate than the president sidestepping that body to make an appointment about which there has been so much controversy. This administration has never been one to keep its ear to the ground in terms of public sentiment, but these days, if it wants the Roberts nomination to go smoothly it might be well advised to let Bolton take a number and wait in line.

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