The evil twins, Hypocrisy and Deceit, have fractured the government envisioned by our nation’s founders and stipulated in the Constitution they wrote. Those who pay lip service to freedom and honest government but fail to deliver deserve only our contempt and derision. Political hacks insult our intelligence and demean our national heritage with their deceptions. But hypocrisy fails the American people just as surely as lying because it disables voters from making informed decisions regarding who truly serves them and deserves their support.
For starters there’s the continuing budgeting fraud in which this administration engages by not including spending for the troops in its regular budget proposals and by requesting huge supplementals that do not show precisely how funds are allocated. How much taxpayer money ends up in the coffers of private ‘security’ forces for example? This seems to be something of a mystery – – the cost of troop extensions, National Guard recalls and shortened military leaves are never reconciled with outlays for highly paid Blackwater mercenaries operating in combat zones without oversight or accountability.
Then there are those ever-so-earnest Republican politicians and talking heads who say ‘if Democrats were really serious about ending the war, they’d cut off funding for the troops.’ That talking point is enunciated at every opportunity by Republicans trying to sucker Democrats into passing legislation denying funds to troops in the field so they can rail against them for their intransigence and lack of patriotism – – a proposition only the profoundly foolish would accept and just another in the long list of Republican attempts to bewilder voters and subvert honest appraisals of the war and its ramifications.
But if Democrats want to address the Bush presidential presumptions they should begin by following the money – – a gambit that proved quite successful in the past. Congress should include supplementals in discussions during the budgeting process in order to inform the American people about the true nature of the country’s fiscal condition. Attaching the supplementals to the regular budget as an addendum would provide a more realistic assessment of what we’re spending in Iraq and how it affects budgetary exigencies domestically. And other dispersals of funds should also be broken out to determine whether funds are going to the troops or to war profiteers.
How disingenuous it is to make dire predictions that large entitlement programs will go broke if administration efforts to privatize them fail. Isn’t it a monumental absurdity that, in order to activate the prescription drug plan, the government provides private insurers with “incentives” to create its benefits? Who’s kidding whom? Isn’t this just another taxpayer-financed gift to private companies carefully dressed up in fanciful rhetoric?
And when it comes to flip-flopping, that term Republicans are so fond of using, Congress and potential presidential candidates are experts at pretending they support all sorts of things while their actions prove otherwise. There is more than one way to flip flop as in the case of Senators Olympia Snow and Susan Collins of Maine, who claim to support a woman’s right to choose but vote, nonetheless to confirm Judge Alito to the Supreme Court. There was no question before and none since that this was a man who would limit access to abortions and vote to overturn Roe V. Wade given the opportunity. While it is one thing to have a change of heart about an issue it is quite another to surrender one’s position to partisan politics – – that is rank hypocrisy.
Likewise Rudy Giuliani maintains he is pro-choice but assures the Republican base he will appoint conservative judges – – wink, wink. His recent comment that “America will be safer with a Republican president”, especially if he’s the president, defies logic and cannot be proven by events. It is worth recalling that lives might well have been saved on 9/11 had then-Mayor Giuliani not insisted, against advice, on placing emergency command control in the Trade Center and if he had made sure his first responders had reliable communication equipment. How can voters possibly wade through his mixed, vitriol-laced messages to determine what he really believes beyond his own infallibility?
Most distressingly, conservatives continue to deceive the American people by claiming they are strict constructionists of the Constitution while at the same time maintaining that religion, and particularly the Christian religion, should be reflected throughout the political establishment – – this despite the fact that the Constitution clearly states that “no religious test” should ever be applied to anyone seeking public office or serving in government.
But the country was most deceived by our accidental president’s reasons for going to war in Iraq and for not leaving until ‘the job is done’, at a time yet to be determined. Recently, Mr. Bush has begun conflating our departure from Vietnam with the bloodbath in Cambodia, a country with whom we were not at war, suggesting the same thing would happen in Iraq if we left before … resolving the current bloodbath there? Or will we stay in Iraq as long as we stayed in Vietnam and until 58,000 American lives have been lost?
We are a nation at war with itself because the duplicity of our leaders has made us cynical and distrustful – – a condition that will be resolved when voters support only those officials operating in the harsh light of day who actually mean what they say.

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