Financial Reform, the “Public Option and The Usual Naysayers

How are so many conservative politicians able to frame every debate as if their opinions were the springboard to truth in all things when false claims and obfuscation are the operational elements of their political lives? Their misrepresentations, however, may be as effective as cogent arguments because a public hungry for information is liable to throw up its collective hands in confusion and distrust of everyone in government.

Republican fear specialists speak with great authority claiming to know what will happen as a result of a particular program whether it is health care, climate change or economic reform. That wouldn’t be so annoying if many of them weren’t so notoriously invested in the status quo in terms of health care, for example. An article in The Progressive Populist, 6/28/09, listed the signers of a letter to President Obama opposing a public health-care option as Senators Grassley, Hatch, Bunning, Crapo, Roberts, Ensign, Enzi, Kyl and Cornyn. Referencing The Center for Responsive Politics the article stated that the nine “have taken $17.7 million from insurance and healthcare interests.”