The Republican minority spends an inordinate amount of time thinking of ways to stall legislation, keep nominees from being confirmed and condemn presidential proposals. By using procedural measures to stymie administration programs and hold up appointments, they have managed to confound reasonable decision-making procedures. And by working tirelessly to feed the propaganda mill it has created, the minority seeks to appropriate more power than the electorate was willing to give it last November.

However, attempting to turn events in Iran to their advantage takes partisanship way beyond acceptable limits of political discourse. But perhaps it was too much to expect that Republicans would hold off criticizing the president for his measured response to Iran’s election results, a position with which, incidentally, most Middle East experts concur.  As Iranian-American sources explain, the pointed comments President Bush made in the past, ostensibly to show support for ‘the people of Iran’, elicited instead pleas from rank-and-file Iranians for him to stay out of their internal affairs.