It’s probably too much to hope that political pundits and major media types would begin to delve beneath the surface of events that could change the course of history and spin the universe off its axis. There are moments during our daily discourse when it seems as if everything we ever knew had become a giant question mark. Just when we think we’ve gotten a handle on some important issue, an agent of deceit comes along to tell us we’ve got it all wrong.

Here we are, for instance, after eight years of a desultory but nonetheless destructive presidency being assured by the perpetrators of failed policies that they had the right answers all along, but, apparently, just didn’t want the rest of us to know what they were. There’s Dick Cheney acting as if he is one of our great patriots although self-serving political dogma and the policies he set in motion could hardly be defined as patriotic endeavors; nor is it clear that deception shrouded in secrecy served the country well.