Letting Our Ideals Show

Democrats tend to strike a defensive posture in attempting to combat hard-right vitriol. They try to deflect critics’ attacks on the president’s plans to reform health-care, address environmental concerns and just about anything he takes on. But his supporters should take a more aggressive, principled stand to offset the simplistic partisanship that plays to the fears and prejudices of a largely uninformed public.

When some nice Republican ladies asked recently “do you like Obama” it was obvious they were just awaiting a reply in the negative. Indeed they were in a place where almost everyone is a well-heeled Republican, overly concerned with taxes and the affront to their sensibilities created by an upstart Democrat in the White House. How is it, one wonders, they could still be so proud of voting for Bush/Cheney and McCain/Palin? How are they able to celebrate the failed vision and narrow perspectives of candidates such as those?