It grows more difficult all the time to extract what is truly outrageous from what is just devious and perverted. The minority party obstructs and lies about everything the president undertakes. However, by failing to articulate his goals with specificity and ardor, he has provided opponents with an opportunity to just make things up while leaving supporters without the invigorating spirit that drove them to his camp originally. The moral imperative of one’s positions must be constantly and emphatically reaffirmed.

But what muddies the waters and strains the limits of our entire system is the religious dogma that has become an adjunct of political dialogue. As Jeff Sharlet, author of the book The Family- – the Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power explains, visitors to and inhabitants of “C Street House, the secretive religious enclave on Capitol Hill” are not just religious practitioners; they are essentially lobbyists working to advance political agendas in the name of religion. The same rationale prevailed years ago, for example, when Jerry Falwell, founder of “the moral majority”, seemed as intent on attaining political power as in promoting piety among his followers.