Right-wing hunters and gatherers of hardscrabble facts destined for the airwaves and gullible audiences are at it again. Questionable rationales receive media attention, perhaps to provide equal time for idiots. More likely, the networks and cable channels would be unable to fill their time allotments if they excluded unsubstantiated drivel.

That Nazi, Socialism stuff is especially annoying, and while it may serve some useful purpose to turn cameras on poster-wielding nuts and even to allow them occasionally to say ridiculous things into a microphone, they shouldn’t be mistaken for people who have something relevant to say. When a young woman asked Barney Frank how he could support a president who promoted “Nazi policies” he asked her “on what planet do you spend most of your time?” adding that “a conversation with her would be like talking to a dining-room table.” Unaccountably, some have suggested Frank’s retort was overly harsh but it seemed just right; besides it made me laugh.