There’s a surrealistic tinge to the politics of today, an almost insurmountable hurdle that subverts any possibility of reaching viable solutions for the troubling issues that confront us. It is we the people’s business our elected officials are chosen to conduct. Regrettably, the means to deliver on that mandate is often stymied by opportunistic propaganda and partisan contempt for truthful dialogue and the corruption of meaningful process.

The president delivered a message to school children encouraging them to make the most of their school experience – – do their homework, read, pay attention in class, be careful what they post on Face Book. But some parents, ‘enlightened’ no doubt by those strange eerie voices on the right, objected to their kids hearing what they claimed would be a radical rant. “I don’t want my kids being taught to become little socialists” one woman declared. In fact there was nothing radical about the speech as anyone who cared to listen can affirm. But what’s the cure for stupid? And how does one go about prying open the closed minds of those who listen without hearing?