As congressional fulminations rage on and Republicans, sensing a window of opportunity, throw every conceivable roadblock in the path of palliative health-care legislation and beat the drum of the party’s agenda the public is left in a state of confusion anger and a weariness with the workings of government in general.

Sadly our political process often confounds efforts to get to the crux of what ails us. Most ordinary Americans aren’t clear about who’s really pulling the strings or how to influence whoever it is. They just know something isn’t quite right. Time after time narrow causes and small-minded politicians influence decisions that affect great swaths of the country. While tea partiers, birthers and mindless partisans may represent a lunatic fringe, there are nonetheless real concerns about where the country is headed. Average voters depend on their elected representatives to serve their interests and those of the country. Unfortunately legislators are often preoccupied with raising funds for their next campaign – – less focused on constituents than on currying favor with large donors.