What’s to be done about the descent into the world of non-sequiturs in which so many on the right and some on the left engage? The amount of time dissecting every issue great and small only diminishes the ability of most people to make sense of their world and the politics that surround it.

One of the more outrageously eye-popping discussions occurred between Bill O’Reilly and Brit Hume of Fox News during which they skewered the NY Times for being biased. That requires a heady dose of chutzpah since the members of the Fox team are gifted right-wing shills and “fair and balanced” seems to embrace every possible nuance of Republican thought and the most conservative aspects of the party’s agenda. O’Reilly emphasized the paper’s leftie editorial slant even though David Brooks is one of its columnists and, for one painful year, so was the Weekly Standard’s William Kristol.