How tortured our belief systems have become. Things that seemed immutable in the past have been warped into unrecognizable forms whether the topic is religion, the economy, or our political environment. Agencies we always thought would protect us are often fronts that don’t speak to the interests of regular folks. And by the time they’ve been proselytized and pulled in a dozen different directions the American people end up clueless about who’s telling the truth and who’s just jerking them around.

How is it that Christianity is the fallback position for many of our politicians and pundits when all else, and most especially logic, fails? Who knew that Jesus was a free-marketer or that God would always bless America no matter what course our leaders undertook? And how did “The Family” on C Street come to be regarded as a religious, tax-free institution where prayer meetings and bible readings by right-wing lodgers could hide ethical and moral lapses from view? These are just a few of today’s imponderables.