Every once in a while I force myself to watch at least a portion of a right-wing, self-congratulatory event just to see what goes on in that rarified atmosphere. It isn’t really so much an educational endeavor as it is a reminder that a lot of scary people continue to market the same old rhetorical wares. And no matter how ill-conceived their efforts have proven to be, many in their camp still regard them as heroes and support the premise that America is safer due to their efforts despite the mess left in their wake.

The wonder is that the neo-con triumph over common sense and intellectual integrity is so thoroughly ingrained in the psyche of supporters that appeals to rational debate literally fall on deaf ears. There wasn’t a single mea culpa for obvious missteps among the who’s who of conservative bigwigs at a recent “Keeper of the Flame” awards dinner held under the auspices of the Center for Security Policy. ¬†Former vice president Cheney, at his unpatriotic best, asserted that President Obama has placed the country at risk by not following in the muddy footprints of his predecessors and for “dithering” and “waffling” about Afghanistan. For Cheney and his cohort their familiar approach is always to induce fear in the collective public mind while clinging to a messianic vision of themselves.