How are we to deal with people in our political vortex who claim devotion to God and country but operate at the margins of truth and honor? Is putting one’s hand over one’s heart and reciting the pledge or quoting the Bible cover enough for those who would lead us into the temptation of thinking that “American Exceptionalism” exempts us from rebuke no matter what actions we undertake? Or will they end up hiding behind what might be identified in a court of law as behavior resulting from a mental defect?

Hypocrites and partisan fanatics mock the American people with the depth of their mendacity, lack of shame and often abysmal stupidity. One wonders at times if Dick Cheney suffers from dementia so specious are his arguments, but what of daughter Liz, young and seemingly unaffected by the ravages of time? She like her father supports an amnesiac’s version of history.  How can even the most rabid neo-con fail to ask what in the world this bitter old man is talking about? His criticism of the president’s foreign-policy decisions isn’t most rational people’s definition of patriotism; the message it sends to friend and foe alike diminishes the president’s stature in the world to no good purpose.