If you aren’t paying close attention to the facts but want to discuss reforming health care, creating jobs or winning the war in Afghanistan you can avail yourself of the right-wing talk radio option, or listen to Republican floor speeches in Congress. It is obvious that participants on call-in shows, angst in full cry, are parroting what they’ve heard on Fox News, from Rush Limbaugh or in Congress so exactly alike are their comments.

Some are beguiled by witless rhetoric wrapped in jingoism and so-called values. And in what appears to be an effort to attract anyone dissatisfied about anything at all Sarah Palin says that “birthers” have a point, because lord knows she wouldn’t want to lose that voting bloc of loonies. She seems not to care that her book is widely criticized for factual inconsistencies as long as her starry-eyed, blissfully unaware, followers keep lining up at book signings. Now number one on the NY Times best-seller list, it is readily accessed by right-wing groups all over the country; the Newsmax organization, for example, is offering it on its website for $4.79.