The other day on a sports radio talk show there was a terrific idea for handling people who don’t understand their subject and, in addition, have their facts all wrong. After engaging in a brief conversation with a caller, the show’s moderators declared him disqualified from further consideration because his remarks about a baseball trade were so absurd, his information so inaccurate.

What if those mean-spirited mis-informers in Congress, who tease and twist truth beyond all recognition, could be called out for their dishonesty on the spot and disqualified from making additional remarks? When the right to ‘free speech’ is no longer a constitutional safeguard but deteriorates into a pattern of deliberate lies and partisan hogwash the public is poorly served. What if dissemblers were prevented from speaking unless they swore to tell only the truth? Unfortunately it isn’t possible to just hang up on congressional miscreants the way talk show hosts do with annoying callers?