You know there’s a serious national problem, in addition to all the others we face, when a recent poll indicates a majority of responders say Fox News is their most reliable news source. It helps, though, to explain the level of ignorance that confounds our political discourse. But other media enclaves air views equally ill-conceived and irrelevant to those on Fox. Quick response time after the president’s state of the union speech provided a full measure of opinion eagerly waiting to dissect the presidential message.

As for that old-time religion lurking just below the surface of Republican rhetoric, California Republican Representative Dan Lungren alleged that Obama voters had hoped for Moses but got Aaron instead — an analogy that sent those of us who lack total biblical recall, scurrying to Google. Apparently Moses, the impassioned leader was hampered by a speech impediment and left much of his oratory to brother Aaron. This, one imagines is what passes for insightful minority analysis.