It is well past time, for the president and Democrats to take control of the national debate about health care and the economy. They’ve spent too much time reacting to instead of directing the discussion. That task hasn’t been made any easier by Republicans whose obvious goal all along has been to undermine and defeat the president’s agenda in order to regain power without regard to what might benefit the general population.

Add to that scenario the constant partisan din in the right-wing media, the corruption of free-speech standards at town hall-meetings and the sea of wild-eyed participants at tea-bagger events and you have a perfect storm of inchoate rage. Of course if you’re over sixty-five you probably aren’t so concerned about rising insurance premiums or the plight of the uninsured. The government is taking care of your needs from doctor to hospital bed to prescription counter. Best not to grow too complacent, however; Medicare may be the next economic bubble to burst, a reality that will likely result in reduced benefits, higher taxes or some combination of the two, no matter who’s piloting the ship of state.