Our David and Goliath Society

Elizabeth Warren, bailout watchdog and financial analyst, said on the Bill Maher show, that the failure of our legislative institutions to reform the banking industry is essentially “… a David and Goliath story”- – that lobbyists far outnumber the members of Congress and that their efforts are non-stop in the pressuring of elected officials. But that analogy is equally valid in other areas of our lives; power brokers at all levels of government threaten the foundations of our democracy. And they are matched by the greed of business-owners for whom amassing wealth is the bellwether of their existence.

Free markets is one of those issues subject to interpretation regarding whose interests are served adding to the confusion about  our national and the world’s economic condition. On a recent Washington Journal Michael Cox, a climate-change denier and Director of the Center for Global Markets and Freedom at Southern Methodist University suggested that we have become a service-oriented nation and that we can successfully export our services. He said that just as we moved from an agrarian society to an industrial one, services have become the main engine of our financial construct.