There were two big media events last weekend, one truly inspiring, — a thrilling Super Bowl, the other not so much – – a pricey Tea Party Convention. With respect to Super Bowl 44 most sports analysts were picking super-star Peyton Manning and his Colts.

But a few things happened on the way to inevitable – – Saints quarterback, MVP Drew Brees, field-goal-kicking phenom,Garrett Hartley, Tracey Porter’s fourth-quarter touchdown pick of a Manning pass, a great team effort and a coach who opted for an onside kick at the start of the second half that led to a touchdown. Predictably, Monday-morning quarterbacks criticized coach Payton, for risking field position with his game-changing tactic, but it was chit-chat about a done deal, and the celebrants in New Orleans aren’t listening. For his part, Heck-of-a-job-Brownie who made such a hash of New Orleans after Katrina wasn’t gracious enough to say something innocuous like ‘may the best team win’ choosing instead to say he favored the Colts – – a no-class guy to the end.