Conservatives excel in developing an anti-administration strategy to defeat programs not on principle as they claim but to twist issues until they meet some arcane standard of their own making. Thus American Conservative Union Chairman Keene says Republicans neglected the moral imperative of fiscal responsibility and “spent like Democrats.”

The fact is of course the Bush administration wasn’t spending like anyone but itself. The Republican mindset that refuses to consider raising taxes plunged the country into an expensive new entitlement program and started wars with no funding, depending on borrowing that added to the national debt, all the while congratulating itself for cutting taxes. Conservatives kept and continue to keep maintaining that tax cuts produce jobs and a vibrant economy. The mind-boggling aspect of this claim is that affluence at the top failed to provide meaningful employment for ordinary Americans, building instead enormous nest-eggs for the rich as jobs vanished into other lands to accommodate employers whose lust for wealth is apparently insatiable.