There’s something peculiar about the way national issues are framed these days. In some cases it’s how questions are posed; at other times it’s the choice of material the opposition chooses to brandish in its barrage of talking points – – “Obamacare” instead of ‘health-care.’ Perhaps Democrats should have pushed the phrase, “Bushwar” in the past.

Even respectable news outlets tend to ask questions in judgmental mode about the president’s policies. One can’t help but wonder if there’s an underlying thread – – that special oversight is required because gee did you notice he’s black. There was plenty of criticism directed at George Bush as a speech garbling, information-light president, but rarely were voters asked to evaluate his every move. Economists may have expressed concerns about war costs and an unfunded prescription drug plan, but questions about his competence were muted by phony patriotic blather about our “war-time” leader.