Racism in Disguise


The rabid group-think that animates much of our current national discourse makes a mockery of the basic principles laid down by our founders. Wild-eyed protesters, irresponsible politicians and vituperative media militants hurl broadsides of destructive rhetoric that defy the spirit of our constitutionally protected free speech. Claiming to represent true American values they dishonor the service of our first real patriots and those who followed seeking safe haven on our shores. Tea Partiers, for example, have in their midst some of the worst elements in our society, providing a platform for a strain of violent, racially motivated malcontents.

Many of the original battles fought in the name of liberty and fair treatment have been misrepresented to suit the purposes of modern-day activists. Those early settlers who tossed tea into Boston Harbor were protesting “taxation without representation.” Today’s radicals are not constrained from voting for the candidate of their choice, but if elections don’t go according to their best hopes, they can work to change the result next time around. Virulent accusations that the president isn’t a natural-born citizen, or that he is a Socialist, a Nazi or a Communist are actually just thinly veiled manifestations of ad hominem, racially motivated attacks.