The most bigoted, angriest segments of our population are in full cry. Every day provides them with new opportunities to spread deceit and misinformation. No matter what the administration tries it is met with derision and accused of failure by conservatives who have become the driving force of the Republican Party – – advocates proudly proclaiming conservative ideals with no sense of how the “loyal opposition” is meant to behave. Worse, some recently elected officials have begun to set right-wing agendas in motion.

And just when you thought the ghosts of government past might have drifted off into the ether former New York Governor Pataki held forth about the attempted bomb attack in Times Square. Never mind that the combined efforts of local police, the FBI and the Office of Homeland Security managed to apprehend the perpetrator in a matter of days, Pataki claimed the incident was an example of the administration’s weak national security credentials. Why wasn’t the man identified as a potential threat he asked, as if every similar individual could be successfully tracked by our intelligence apparatus or that evolving terrorist tactics could ever be totally anticipated and pre-empted. That is the reality we face and suggesting that the current administration is inept or inattentive only encourages our enemies to believe we are weak or ineffectual.