How About Truth for a Change

American voters are beset by too many polls, too much sound-byte news and too much exposure to opinions from people for whom truth and reason are not required. The information highway is an asset but there is such a glut of extraneous and superficial material voters are in effect driven from serious reflection and overwhelmed by meaningless partisan drivel and dubious claims about serious policy issues.

The nomination of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court has provided Republicans and right-wing editorial specialists with an opportunity to subvert the confirmation process and promote their political agenda. Quin Hillyer, of the Washington Times questions Kagan’s qualifications, emphasizing what he describes as her equivocation regarding partial-birth abortion, and whether the second amendment describes an individual right to carry a gun – – even that she doesn’t represent the ‘diversity’ on the court someone from the middle of the country or a Protestant would achieve.