If Tea Partiers would only come to understand that government isn’t too big; it is actually at risk of being rendered irrelevant by lobbyists and a corporate mentality that overwhelms it. And if political behavior conformed to standards of decency instead of mindless partisanship there might be some hope of achieving worthwhile national goals

As people on all sides of the political spectrum struggle to find an emotional center regarding the BP fiasco, the president’s response and the terrible toll the rupture is taking on local residents, the fate of an entire region is in BP’s hands. Regulations may have been lax, the relationship between government and industry too “cozy” but the BP accident highlights something much more basic. In our lust for energy we have entrusted the welfare of our country to corporations focused on making money and pleasing stockholders. The Exxon Valdez spill involved a tanker run aground and assessments were made according to known quantities – – not so in the current situation. Ironically,BP’s technology and equipment are the components needed to deal with capping the well. Ongoing eruptions make containment and cleanup indeterminate and the government uncomfortably reliant on BP.