There is always more than one point of view on any given subject. In fact there are likely to be many. Of course some of them are borderline crazy while others are the vacuous inventions of political pretenders who just make stuff up as they go along. Disturbingly, absurdities of outrageous proportions delight information-challenged devotees who are transfixed by mindless rants they take for gospel – – the big lie writ large.

Writer, Hal Crowther, observed in the June 1st issue of The Progressive Populist, “What seems to set the 21st century extremist apart is that he’s so proud of his ignorance and admires it so much in others.” It’s as if attending to experts or the rigorous demands of scientific thought were somehow elitist preoccupations not to be trusted by regular folks. And it doesn’t concern them that hero Limbaugh has made millions upon millions drawing his audience into tortured reveries that rise from the depths of some intellectual netherworld. Apparently it isn’t only misery that loves company, ignorance does as well.