Please, please, please Republicans, let Michael Steele remain as your party’s chairman. He keeps the right wing in a lather which is fun to watch and leaves everyone guessing about who speaks for the GOP. Among other gifts to Democrats he is amusing if perhaps not very important since there seems to be bipartisan agreement that he is an idiot.

But along with Steele it should be noted that although Republicans in Congress just say no most of the time, when they come up for air they say some odd things. House Minority Leader Boehner suggests raising the Social Security retirement age and lowering benefits. How does that grab you, Tea Partiers? And he had the gall to accuse the president of resorting to childish personal attacks for criticizing his characterization of the financial overhaul as a “nuclear weapon to kill a flea.” It just can’t be said often enough that, despite other financial missteps, eccentric derivatives and the lack of proper regulation were the main causative factors for our economic stumble.