Sure people are angry. Things are going badly, but what does that anger portend – – a turning away from party affiliation, vitriol directed at the president for not doing what he was thought to have promised, an embrace of some favorite issue? The question really is how to redirect anger into positive action. One can fault the administration and Congress but changing the inertial pace of our governmental structures is one tall order. And when partisans strive relentlessly to grind legislatures to a standstill for selfish political ends we are left with a system that fails to serve the interests of ordinary Americans.

Washington Journal asked viewers recently if they would vote for a third party and many callers said they would. But no-one described what that party would look like. Would it be a Tea Party creation with far-right candidates like Utah’s Sharron Angle or Green with Ralph Nader at the helm, a man who shows up to siphon off votes from major parties every four years? Would it be Libertarians, who favor “unrestricted competition” and a “free-market health-care system” or isolationists opposed to foreign involvements? Would Lyndon LaRouche gain traction, depicting the President with a Hitler mustache on signage? Or, perhaps instead of just buying politicians with threats of support for opposition candidates the NRA could muster enough strength to build its very own party.