The upcoming elections promise to be less of a reality-show and more like a cartoon network production. Third-party candidates articulate a series of talking points that bear little resemblance to the platforms of people who have some understanding of complex issues. And on the right, semi-educated, under-informed pundits like Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck drive a frenzied debate with lots of emotion but few facts.

The irony of replace-the-incumbent fever is that the inevitable result is likely to be a loss of good people and a lot of the same old faces. Let’s see, Jim “waterloo” DeMint will undoubtedly hang on to his seat, the unprincipled John McCain will probably return to speechify about war, ‘the wall’ and tax cuts in a spate of dated platitudes and John Vitter, family values candidate with a penchant for hookers, is likely to win re-election as well.