As if further proof were needed, the final vote on the Senate Judiciary Committee and the brouhaha surrounding a speech current USDA employee, Shirley Sherrod, delivered twenty-four years ago at a Georgia NAACP event served to buttress the credentials of the hypocrites and phonies in our midst.

The reasons advanced by most Republicans on the committee for withholding support for Elena Kagan bordered on the absurd. Calling her unqualified was a stretch even for that crowd. Both Kagan and Sotomayor received “well qualified” ratings from the American Bar Association while all Bush I-appointee, Clarence Thomas, could muster was a lukewarm “qualified” evaluation. Disturbingly Thomas pals around with Rush Limbaugh and his wife heads a conservative lobbying group in sync with the Tea Party agenda. The bar was set pretty low when Thomas joined the court and his political proclivities leave a lot to be desired for someone on the nation’s highest court.