An increasingly disquieting feature of today’s political discourse is that bits and pieces of misinformation are regurgitated endlessly, indulging the feeding frenzy that fills the airwaves and print media. Constant polling and partisan talking points are the order of the day whether or not they contribute to rational debate.

It’s only human nature to gravitate towards perceived winners, a tendency too often persuaded by the quick takes of glib correspondents who are not only poorly informed but who celebrate their ignorance, as the members of the Fox team do, by pointing to their ratings. That ratings are somehow meant to convey relevance is an all the more discouraging indication of how poorly voters are served by people who speak with authority but lack the background, intellect or education to make the kinds of critical assessments they so loudly broadcast. No doubt Dancing with the Stars gets good ratings too, but participants aren’t usually interviewed about their political inclinations.