Exploiting a Recession

The current administration is a convenient target for anger, the originating causes of our troubled economy given short shrift by restless voters who just want jobs. Still it is hard to fathom, in the face of a projected election tsunami, how a decision to empower a party whose policies wreaked such havoc would invigorate an economic recovery.

Anxious voters seem to be inspired by conservatives intoning words like “free markets” and “capitalism” as if subscribing to those concepts could beat back the effects of the wild speculative machinations in our recent past. A recession caused in large measure by bad actors in the financial world isn’t well understood, and so the country’s troubles provide an excuse for politicians on the right to promote long-held beliefs and policies. It is ironic that the most threatened segment of the electorate is being swept along in a torrent of rage that camouflages underlying problems and allows the same-old, same-old conservative ideologies to emerge as if they were something new.