Republicans aren’t just the party ‘that says no’, they’re the party ‘that’ll say anything’ to advance their agenda. And in its time-honored tradition of mocking intellectuals, they call the Obamas elites, a position their rank and file seems to support. Apparently no candidate is too under-educated, uninformed or disingenuous to be excluded from the party’s version of a “big tent.”

These are people for whom ignorance is not only acceptable, it is celebrated – – global warming is a myth, evolution should be taught alongside creationism. The Constitution they claim to live by is poorly understood by them for the most part especially in their attempt to conjoin religion and politics. Christine O’Donnell accuses President Obama of taking the Bible and prayer out of schools, something that hasn’t been included in most public schools across the nation for many years. In Texas, however, new curriculum codes may require that students be Bible-literate, so much for progress. As for prayer in school, how about one that ended with “all praise to Allah?” One wonders.