Possibly the most stunning feature of this political season isn’t the ludicrous choices voters have been given, in and of themselves, but the fact that over time, media pundits and the propaganda mill have made it seem as if reason were animating  public discourse and that unsuitable, ill-prepared candidates actually deserve to be taken seriously. People who know nothing about foreign policy and next to nothing about domestic issues offer finely-tuned talking points as if they were expressing positions of real substance.

There is a total absence of shame about the conduct of public policy and how far afield we have strayed from a principled approach to the complexities of the modern world, by politicians whose flag-waving jargon hides the depth of their ignorance – – forever framing the national debate in mindless rhetoric that fails to deal with core issues. As much as there is to fault about  the current crop of candidates and their lack of serious purpose it is worth noting that our recent two-term president seemed to enjoy ‘dressing up’ without seeing a need to draw a connection between donning a costume and claiming bragging rights for a “mission accomplished”. It’s as if our former leaders had indulged in a grotesque Halloween exercise not because they thought no-one would notice how inconsequential their approach to governance was but rather because they didn’t grasp how superficial their methodology actually was.

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