How did things go so wrong so fast? Despite the gloomy election forecasts it didn’t seem possible that ignorance would overwhelm sound judgment and mendacity become an art form, practiced by corporatists and power-hungry politicians. And yet here we are on the brink of a hard-right swing, with voters, blinded by artful propaganda hoodwinked into making ill-advised choices in the name of freedom and liberty.

Redefining concepts and fielding candidates willing to hang a teabag from their hat or claim a party affiliation with any letter other than a D was enough to turn the election tide in many districts. In the aftermath of a voting frenzy that claimed the purest of motives it still isn’t clear what the majority of supporters see as their mandate. After all “smaller government” and “business friendly” are pretty open-ended descriptions for a new political order. And how does a goal to repeal health-care legislation in the early stages of implementation signal a real ballot-box revolution?