For anyone who remembers the Joe McCarthy witch hunts and the runaway partisanship of the Clinton impeachment furor today’s leadership overhaul in Washington is an unpleasant reminder of what those days were like. More than just a rejection of current policy a right-wing Congress represents a return to a discredited agenda masquerading as change. For reasons that will forever remain a mystery voters seemed not to notice the absence of ideas and accepted philosophical meanderings as words to live by.

Constant analysis by media pundits makes far too much of some fairly basic realities. To some extent ‘it’s the economy stupid’ but beyond that simple fact the president has been buffeted by the minority’s endless cynical, effort to regain power by any means possible. To that end they have reactivated the “southern strategy” and fine-tuned “big lie” tactics. Party stalwarts and right-wing media darlings haven’t even needed to be particularly subtle or deep.